Alexander Feoktistov

Middle/Senior Unity game developer 27 y.o.
Hi, you may know me online as Nrjwolf. I've been blogging about game development for a few years now, started on (russian Facebook), now mostly on telegram.

When I was 15 I made my first flash game and have been making money as a game maker ever since. Currently working on Unity ❤️
  • C# (high skill)
  • Shaders (low skill, examples at my github)
  • SDK Integrations (ads, in-apps, analytics, push notifications, remote configs)
  • Experience in multiplayer game development (Photon, Netcode)
  • Work with legacy code
  • Custom editor tools (timeline extensions, custom attributes, scene utils)
  • RAM/CPU optimization
  • Client-server interaction
  • Development of native IOS, Android plugins (examples at github)

Also, skills not related to Unity
  • Typescript/JavaScript
  • Node
  • React Native
Below will be a story about projects that are significant to me, perhaps it will be helpful to understand my experience better.

My way to gamedev started in computer science class. There I saw Power Point for the first time, and became mad about the possibility of making pixels on the screen obey me.

I animated for about two years, then decided to take a course in C++, and realized that programming is not so difficult.

Then I started to learn flash and make games with it on my own. I earned my first dollar at, which used to auction off flash games to publishers.

You can still find some of my projects on newgrounds and kongregate.
Working alone, I had a great experience creating a game from idea to release.

This is Pixvader, a little later you can check out the mobile version as well. This is a project made in 2013, the first experience in AS3, in place of AS2.
And this is Lusfoder. I learned to work with bitmaps with it, not exactly shaders, but also effects.
Rescuer of Souls is like my very first sold game. You have to guide the ball to the goal.
The first games
Project Management
In 2016 I tried to involve other people in my projects. It was not difficult for me to understand the artist, animator, programmer, as I had skills in all these areas.
Mommy Ducky, a game for which I found a programmer and an artist. I did the game design myself.
Next, quite a few projects were done with the same artist. With this work we took some place in some jam.
Shoot the apple - a fun project, was a remake of a popular flash game
In addition to these projects, there were other orders, some of which I also had to deal with management.

This experience allows me today to understand managers better, as well as navigate the needs of the business.
Back to the code
Internal development appealed to me more and for the most part I had already started doing code.

Flash was dying and together with the artist we started to try html5.
The Vikings game was done in only a month and the next month already found a buyer.
Tanki 2d. This is already unity, a custom mobile game using Photon. Not particularly technically difficult, but it helped me immerse myself in asynchronous programming.
Deep Deep is one of those projects that didn't make it to release. They did something similar to Two Dots.
Here with the same guys tried to jump on the highpoint, but failed again.
Backgammon - made by a team of three people. Worked for one big studio. There was a network mode and a game with a bot. Made it to beta, but then the funding was stopped.
The office
In 2017 I got a job as a unity programmer at Silly Penguin, originally porting their flash game to unity.

Then a team of six people began to make a mobile game similar to Homescapes.
After two years of working on Match 3, I found investment for my projects. Throughout 2020 I made small games, which can be found on my account.

Kharon is a beautiful minimalistic game. As the basis of the flash game Rescuer Souls.

I like the games Bacon and Ordia – I had an idea to combine these games and the Sunny Side Up Egg was born.
Pixvader is a remake of my flash game for mobiles.
The game is a port of my old flash game Pixvader.
I created when I was 16 years old. So this port was special to me. I had to keep the original, but improve it with my new skills. The inspiration came from Space Impact and Sky Force, my favorite shoot'em ups.
Worked at Zebrainy all of 2021, they develop games for kids. For the most part, I was involved in prototype development, as well as porting some old games to the new engine. We also tried using Cocos Creator (it's very similar to unity) because we wanted to update games without updating the app in the store.

Today I'm working at NPU Games, we're making a match3 game. I'm porting the old code and developing all the new functionality. An experienced code architect works with me in the team, my duties include more exactly the development of the game, what it will be for the player.

Thank you for finishing it!

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