Atmospheric. Minimalistic.



Kharon in Greek mythology is a ferryman who carries souls of the newly deceased. In this game you will find souls on the levels and will bring them to the portal. 

Game has 108 levels. This is really interesting number you can find many references to him in every sphere. In the way to rich 108 levels you will open mysterious symbol.


Development story :

This game started like hyper casual, but then I started to create unique atmosphere which I didn’t want to kill with advertising and customization. 

Development took 3 month. I like to create games, and do not think that I’m only programmer or artist for example. I have just instruments to create game, so game was made by 1 person. I’m in the first time created music and sounds for game.

So, that’s my tools :
– Unity
– Visual Studio Code
– Garage Band
– AudaCity
– Figma

During development I was reading a book “Eat, Pray, Love” and decided that I want to have in my game 108 levels — it’s mysterious number and author of book used it for for book chapters. 

In menu you opening new triangle every 12 levels. So when you will done last level — you will see symbol Shri Yantra which is also related with 108 number.
Every 12 level you will meet boss — black triangle, so when you pass him you opening new triangle in symbol.

Game have about a lot of different mechanics, until the end of the game you will meet new obstacles. Only last 12 levels have no new mechanics, this levels for real hardcore players.

I can’t to say that this game is hypercasual, 
despite the fact that it seems like. But you will not find in-app of purchases, ads, customizations etc. You will meet great minimalistic game, with attention to details. Also will be better to play in headphones. 

This project for midcore/hardcore audience. For people who want to install game and try to pass all challenging levels.



25 January 2020

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