Minimalistic retro-styled of the classic arcade shoot’em ups
Pixvader is a true warrior who will stop the invaders!
Pixvader is a true warrior who will stop the invaders!

Save a planet from the enemies. Listen to your commander, he will give you secret information about your targets. Collect crystals and give them to engineers to upgrade your spaceship. Good luck soldier!

— Touch screen to move and kill all enemies
— Collect crystals to upgrade or unlock special weapon

— Minimalist art style
— Extreme boss battles
— Juicy explosions and dynamic fights
— Retro arcade atmosphere with 16 bit sounds
— Haptic feedback to enhance immersion
— Achievements and leaderboards

Enjoy retro-styled shootem’up!

September 2020
Development time : 3 month
Game Engine : Unity
The game is port of my old flash game Pixvader
I created flash version 7 years ago, at 16 y.o. So, this port was for me special. I should have kept the original, but improve it with my new skills.

This was inspired by Space Impact and Sky Force — my favorit shoot’em ups.

Game has 8 levels and 8 bosses. On the levels you can get coins and upgrade your spaceship.
It was interesting journey for me, and I hope game will give you intense emotions :)

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